Russell S. Mitchell

I took an unconventional route to the practice of law. After receiving an Associates of Science degree from then Dixie Junior College (now Dixie State College), I attended the University of Utah and received a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. My focus was in clinical microbiology. I worked for Advanced Clinical Microbiology, a private lab in Salt Lake City, and after a few years became the vice president of the company. My wife and I decided that our four young sons were leaving us with just enough extra time on our hands that I should return to school, and I was accepted to the University of Utah College of Law (now known as the SJ Quinney College of Law). By that time, I had already had some experience in being a “client” as I took on “city hall” in litigation and later served on the Woods Cross City Council. Having had to actually work, feed the family, and try to pay a legal bill (when I took on city hall) has given me a different perspective on the legal world than some attorneys might have. I understand the frustration my clients may have with a slow moving court system as well as the desire to try to keep costs down. I do all I can in my practice to bring issues to resolution as quickly as possible, whether that is by settlement, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

One of my focus areas in the law involves all aspects of real estate. I have assisted clients in leasing, buying, selling, developing, and building. This includes drafting leases, easements, common wall agreements, purchase agreements, and joint venture agreements. It also includes litigation of issues such as evictions, boundary line disputes, enforcement of lease provisions, evictions, enforcement of purchase agreements, filing and foreclosing mechanic liens, and general foreclosure work. I help my clients plan for their future by developing estate plans on how they will handle their assets not only now, but in the event of their death. I have also helped clients set up closely held companies (corporations and limited liability companies) and properly document all organizational aspects of the new company. I have helped companies in their contracts by either reviewing contracts or drafting the contracts they need. When disputes do arise and cannot be resolved, I also take the case to trial and present the evidence, including defending the outcome if appealed.

For a more “technical” review of my education, please check out my information at the Jones Waldo site.

I have been upheld by the Utah Court of Appeals in my two most recent trips to that court. In one case I helped the landlord enforce the terms of the lease in an eviction process – Red Cliffs Corner, LLC v. J.J. Hunan, Inc., 2009 UT App 240, –P.3d—. In a case prior to that, I helped a buyer enforce the terms of a real estate purchase contract which resulted in the seller being ordered by the court to complete the sale –Markham v. Bradley, 2007 UT App 379, 173 P.3d 865.

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