Practicing Law – Some Jobs Better, Some Worse

by Marianne Sorensen

Carolyn Elefant at Legal Blog Watch ( relates news of a study released by, which evaluated 200 professions to determine the best and the worst, ranking  jobs by environment, income, employment outlook, physical demands and stress.

Of the 200 jobs rated, mathematicians took the number one slot, while lumberjacks came in dead last at 200. … Meanwhile, attorneys are ranked at #82, right below telephone installer/repairers, while stockbrokers come close behind at #84 and senior corporate executives are at #88. While not anywhere near the top, lawyers rank substantially higher than nuclear decontamination technicians (#185), garbage collectors (#194) or butchers (#196).

Personally, I love practicing law and would rate it right up there with librarian and trapeze artist, the only other callings that have tempted me.

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